At BALOG Regenerative we understand no two patients have the same story. It’s only by listening to your story that we can craft treatments that dramatically improve the quality of YOUR life. Whether it is helping you feel your best or look your best, BALOG Regenerative offers innovative treatments to help improve your life.

I was welcomed with smiles, education around the procedure and step-by-step what they were doing. They always checked in to see how I was doing, and were always very accommodating. I highly encourage you to check out Dr Carl Balog and his amazing team for quality results and a friendly and lovely experience.


An effective solution to combat nearly every skin concern including sensitive/rosacea types.

An FDA-approved injectable that improves the appearance of submental fullness by destroying fat cells.

Rejuvenate your skin to reduce wrinkles, restore volume, and enhance your appearance.


The only FDA-approved method to permanently reduce underarm sweat and odor.

Rejuvenate your skin to reduce wrinkles, restore volume, and enhance your appearance.

A non-invasive and affordable microneedling treatment that works for all skin types.

Endoluminal vein treatment addresses bulging varicose veins that are larger in diameter.

Dr. Carl Balog

Dr. Balog is a board-certified physician, with an extensive background in Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology, Pain Management, and Regenerative Medicine.  Dr. Carl Balog began his career after completing his medical education in Budapest, Hungary. Prior to traveling abroad, he majored in Art History/Studio at Williams College, fueling his life-long love of beauty and culture. His decision to focus on aesthetics is a natural extension of his skills and experience. Each specialty contributes to his unique perspective: a deep understanding of the power of regenerative medicine and its effect on anti-aging and preventative health, the vital role lifestyle and nutrition play, and the value of integrative therapies. This knowledge informs his practice of aesthetics and helps him reveal the beauty within.

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