Exosome Hair Growth

What Is Exosome Hair Growth Therapy?

For decades, Scientists have been trying to figure out how to regrow thinning hair. With all of these years of research they’ve found the most natural regenerative solution is exosomal therapy. This is a highly potent enhancement to stem cell therapy, which has already been medically proven to grow skin back for 3rd degree burn patients. Imagine the health and regrowth it can do for the hair follicle.

How does Exosome Hair Growth Therapy work?

Exosomes contain RNA, and most importantly – mRNA, the protein manufacturer. Like highly specialized workers, exosomes perform every function, from building cells to delivering chemical signals.

During treatment at Portland Pain and Spine, a trained member of our experienced team will gently and precisely inject the exosome serum into the top layer of your scalp. While most patients resume their normal schedules the day after therapy, you might experience soreness for up to a week following the procedure.

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